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Hello from Voice of Spirit.........

Let me introduce myself and give you a little insight into my family, interests and my pathway in life.

I am mum to 5 children and 1 angel, grandmother to two lovely little boys, Brandon and Cian, and a little grand daughter Codi Louise and I have come here to the Yuku board in the hope of meeting new friends.

I work as a doctors receptionist and also do alternative therapies in my spare time. I have just finished a course in Holistic Massage and also Anatomy and Physiology at the local college. I have also been attuned to Reiki 1 and 2 and shall be going back to college in September to attend a year long course in Aromatherapy.

I am still looking to find the pathway I am supposed to be walking and hopfully will find the way forward to happiness and love in the future, until then I will continue learning all I can, giving to others, that which I am able and loving the wonderful family that surrounds me.

I am very drawn to the Native American way of life and also the Shamanic pathway.

I have been lucky enough to find some very wonderful friends who have helped me greatly over the past few years.They have taught me much about life and unconditional love. They have helped me to become the person I am today and for that I am very grateful. I know there is much out there to be learnt and I try to keep an open mind on all that is put on my pathway.Sometimes it would be easier to take the opinion of another as my own rather than try to see things my own way, but when life is a little tough I know it is because there are lessons there for me to learn.

My children are my world, I try to guide them when I can but often I sit back and let them make thier own minds up and whether they choose wisely or make a mistake I shall be there for them whenever I can.They are all unique in thier own way but I am proud of each and every one of them .

My Angel is my son Nicki, who left us many years ago to live in the world of spirit. He is as much a part of my family as any of my other children. It was through his passing that a whole new world was opened up to me.Things that I would have never thought possible have made me realise that life is eternal, we do not die, but merely walk through a veil to a different dimension. It is hard sometimes not to be able to see him in the physical world but I know he is often there guiding and supporting me when I am in need.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and I hope you enjoy the time you spend here......

Walk In Peace.....


My new little Grand Daughter Codi Louise - 20 weeks old.


My Grandson Cian - Age 2




My Grandson Brandon - Age Nearly 8

Teach Me

Teach me who I am, Lord
Show me how to live
Be beside me on my pathway
To learn the art of how to give

Teach me how to "be", Lord
How to strive to get things right
Be the wind that makes me soar
When I finally take flight

Teach me how to love, Lord
Myself the most of all
Then I can love my brother
With my heart, my soul, my all

Teach me to be patient, Lord
To walk my path with pride
Show me strength and purpose
With you walking by my side

Teach me how to cry, Lord
To unburden all my pain
Show me with simplicity
So I can start again

Teach me that in time, Lord
With all my lessons done
I can walk beyond the Veil of Time
So we can live as One.

© SJW - 01/10/05

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    Hope you are doing well.....

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    Have a fun Halloween!

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    Leaving hugs**
    cute baby animals - Acting Like Animals: Dreams of Being Nyan


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:sp Life Is Eternal :sp

It is no shorter or longer for any of Gods children
It is with faith and understanding that you will learn the truth of this
It is with acceptance that the fear within is quietened
When it is time to move on, there will be no fear, only enlightenment
As the soul ventures forth there will be no pain, only love
Know this to be true.
When near to what you call physical death, do you truly see torment and trouble, or in those last few moments of a loved ones "life", have you glimpsed the peace and serenity which is present.
When a passing happens it is for the highest good of the soul, the spirit within is ready to continue on its journey of evolution.
Rejoice for that which is being experienced.
If you could but see how the released spirit rejoices in its freedom there would be a happiness within you all.
If you could see the glory of the angels gathered, the magnificence of thier presence your hearts would sing with gladness, you would bear no sorrow , there would be no room for grief.
Think of it not as a passing, but as a passing on, a passing on to something more wonderful.
In your world there are many sayings echoed amongst you, " A gathering of the souls, moving on to pastures new, going home, even heaven", if you but knew the truth in those words there would be no longing for a soul to remain.
We ask of you all that, at a time of passing, be happy, rejoice in the life that moves on, give thanks for the time shared, the experiences gained and the memories made.
It is natural that you should weep, bear pain, sorrow, anger, resentment, but perhaps with thought in your quietness you will see these feelings are for yourselves,perhaps a small spark within remembers that from whence you came, the Kingdom of God.
Live your faith, trust your faith and know with each passing comes a rejoicing, a welcoming, as souls once parted unite once again.
When you are saying farewell to a loved one, smile, give thanks for that which has been.
Look forward to the next meeting of your souls, for it will surely come to be, as you go forward to the realms of spirit.
If you pray this night, truly pray from the depths of your being.
Ask the great spirit to do that which is right, for the soul for which your words are spoken.
It will take great courage, it will take a soul full of unconditional love, it will take all the unselfishness you possess.
Think quietly before you join your thoughts to Gods, for it is far harder to utter words in prayer that are truly right for another.
We know what we ask shall be hard for many,as it can be in times of great pain that your prayers are uttered, but all the strength you need is within each and everyone of you.

Remember always, LIFE IS ETERNAL.

:sp © SJW 7th July 2004 :sp

Angel Lad

I have a little angel
He lived here once with me
I know he comes here often
I can feel him, just can't see.

His heart's no longer beating
I know his pain is gone
He has moved across the threshold
The soul I know lives on.

I know I cannot keep him
I know he must go on
But I also know he's near me
That he never will be gone.

So if you do not need him
For a minute here and there
Could you send him down to me Lord
I will keep him in my care

When my mind is quiet and empty
With silence all around
He can come and sit beside me
And converse without a sound

We could sit and have a chat then
We could hug the Angel way
We could just be one together
For a moment in each day

The years have come and gone now
The time keeps moving by
But our love will last forever
We are bonded him and I

I know one day I'll see him
I'll look around and there he'll be
What a moment to be treasured
What a wondrous sight to see

For now I have my memories
Of the time we've had to share
But if he needs me , ever needs me
Just you tell him, I'll be there

For the worlds they are together
I know they intertwine
For I can step in his world
And he can step in mine

My heart he'll hold forever
My love will always be
His to have and keep Lord
For all eternity
I dedicate this poem to my son Nicki - I will hold him in my heart forever.

© SJW- 22/02/04

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